The government of Sindh is responsible for the rise in the prices of flour and sugar: Asad Umar

He was addressing a large public meeting and workers’ convention organized by the central PTI Sindh region in Kotri in the Jamshoro district on Sunday. He said that the PTI government had disbursed Rs 6.5 billion among the people of Sindh under the Ehsaas emergency cash during the COVID-19 pandemic to save them from starvation, while the Sindh government was unable to provide them a penny during that. Difficult moment.

The PPP leadership is raising the issue of inflation and protests were organized in the province to mislead the general public, Asad Umar said, adding that Sindh and Punjab are producers of surplus wheat, but the Sindh government had not delivered wheat. to flour mills because the price of flour in the province had reached Rs 80 per kg compared to the price of Rs 55 per kg in Punjab. Sindh’s chief minister, Murad Ali Shah, should explain why wheat is sold in Sindh at higher prices compared to Punjab, he questioned.

While calling PDM a seasonal disease, Asad Umar said that parties to this alliance often hit the roads in the winter and then returned to the salons. He said categorically that the general elections would be held in 2023 and this time the PTI will form its government in Sindh as well and our worker will be the next prime minister of the province. After the approval of the 18th Amendment, all authority has been delegated to the provinces, from health, education to all sectors, the provincial government was responsible for providing services to its people, Asad Umar said, adding that despite of the 18th Amendment, Prime Minister Imran Khan called on federal authorities to provide relief to the people of Sindh during the coronavirus pandemic and provided them with billions of rupees in cash, as well as COVID-19 vaccines, while the The provincial government had not purchased a single dose of the vaccine.

Asad Umar said that under the Kamyab Jawan program, skills development training was provided to 19,700 young people from Sindh, of whom 3,200 young people were given loans to start their own businesses. The minister said that the federal government had approved projects worth 1.8 billion rupees for two universities in the Jamshoro district, namely Sindh University and Mehran University of Engineering. He said that the federal government had announced plans to establish a university in Hyderabad, but that the PPP government had strongly opposed its establishment. He said that the Pakistan People’s Party had not built a kilometer of Highway road while the PTI had built the Multan-Sukkur Highway, November 18 was set as the last date to submit bids for the Hyderabad-Sukkur Highway. He said Prime Minister Imran Khan will visit here soon to realize the innovation of this mega project.

Asad Umar asked Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah why flour was sold in Sindh at Rs 80 per kg compared to Rs 55 per kg in Punjab. He said the mice had eaten a large amount of wheat stored in government warehouses. Criticizing the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), Asad Umar said that PDM was a seasonal disease that flares up in winter and will disappear soon.

Addressing the public meeting, the opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, said that the PPP government had destroyed each and every corner of the province and that people received contaminated water from Karachi to Kashmore. Drinking water is sold through tanker trucks, while it is not provided through the water supply to make money, said Haleem Adil adding that contaminated water mixed with sewage water was being provided to the people of Hyderabad, Sukkur Larkana , Mirpurkhas, Dadu and others. cities and towns. He said that once the PPP was the party of martyrs, but now it has become the party of murderers. He said that in Karachi, an innocent young man named Nazim Jokhio was tortured to death by PPP MPA because he had prevented influential hunters from entering their homes. In Larkana, an innocent woman, Fahmida Siyal, was shot and killed by another PPP MPA, adding that she asked the federal government to take action against PAS and PSP officials who had become personal servants of the provincial leaders of the PPP. match. He said that Jamshoro was the district of Chief Minister Sindh and that the police in this district were involved in supplying drugs while delivering hashish in mobile police vans, but no one was arrested.

Haleem Adil said those who spoke out against PPP leaders were being harassed, tortured and implicated in bogus cases. He said that two journalists Aziz Memon and Ajay Lalwani had been killed for their reporting against PPP MNA and AMP.

PTI leaders Pir Xaman Shah, MNA Lal Malhi, MNA Jay Parkash Akrani, Hakim and others also addressed the public meeting. Reassign Revert.

The government of Sindh is responsible for the rise in the prices of flour and sugar: Asad Umar

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